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Separating the Hearing Loss Facts from the Fiction

Turn down the noise and learn the true hearing loss facts. When it comes to hearing loss statistics; the more you know, the better prepared you will be to detect hearing loss if it affects you or a loved one.

The goal of the following hearing loss statistics is to raise awareness and bolster access to service at a primary level. Continue reading to learn more about a few key hearing loss facts and hearing loss statistics based on research by Johns Hopkins Hopkins University and the World Health Organization.

Hearing Loss Fact: 50% of Hearing Loss is Preventable

Deafness refers to the complete hearing loss in either one or both of your ears. However, up to 50% of hearing loss is completely preventable. Most of those who are affected by hearing loss can benefit from surgery, medicines, and the use of hearing aids. By having the proper medical treatment, you may be able to mitigate the effects of hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Fact: 5% of the World Has Hearing Loss

Today, there are approximately 360 million people across the world suffering from disabling hearing loss. This significant number represents around 5% of the world’s population, and 32 million of those suffering from hearing loss are children. The propensity of the hearing loss can be defined as:

  • Children between the age of 0 and 14 years of age that have hearing loss greater than 30 dB in their better hearing ear.
  • Adults over the age of 15 who suffer from hearing loss greater than 40 dB in their better hearing ear.

Hearing Loss Fact: Ear Infections Are a Top Cause of Hearing Loss

The worldwide presence of chronic ear infections or chronic otitis media (COM) ranges anywhere from 1 to 46% in the developing and developed countries. These infections are directly related to hearing loss and can lead to life-threatening complications and mortality.

Even so, COM is very preventable. If addressed early, it can be managed through highly effective surgical and medical means.

Hearing Loss Fact: Hearing Loss Affects 48 Million U.S. Citizens

With a staggering 48 million people in the U.S., hearing loss can occur at birth or develop at any age and range from mild to more severe. In either case, there are several treatment options designed to assist you or your family member with the hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Fact: Several Treatment Options Are Available

Over time, there have been several advances in every aspect of hearing health care. These treatments are designed to treat the tiniest infant up to the oldest senior citizen. There are many new and exciting options developing at light speed. The options for hearing loss treatment can range based on:

If you or a family member has suffered hearing loss, the best place to begin is with a hearing evaluation from your local licensed audiologist.

Hearing Loss Fiction: Occupational Hearing Loss Isn’t Serious

A significant number of industrial workers suffer hearing loss due to the extended exposure to loud noise. As a matter of fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests up to 22 million workers are exposed to potentially hazardous noise at work every year. However, this hearing loss is completely preventable and can be avoided by wearing the proper personal protective safety equipment.

Hearing Loss Fiction: Purchasing Hearing Aids Online Is Effective

There is a widely common hearing loss myth that purchasing hearing aids online, in big-box stores, or by mail will save money, time, and get the same results as devices that are professionally fitted. However, this is nothing more than a myth.

In reality, when you visit a local audiologist, your hearing treatment plan and discreet aid devices will be fitted and customized for your unique needs. In other words, it’s best to always purchase your devices from a local audiologist – not big box stores, online, or by mail.

Hearing Loss Fiction: Only Seniors are Affected by Hearing Loss

Most people think hearing loss only affects elderly people, and it is merely a sign of aging. This assumption is grossly incorrect. One of the key hearing loss statistics is hearing loss can affect people of all ages. According to a key Johns Hopkins study, a staggering 20% of the United States population aged 12 and older suffer hearing difficulties severe enough to impact communication.

Hearing Loss Fiction: Anyone Can Test Your Hearing

Just because someone can sell a hearing aid doesn’t mean they are qualified to test your hearing. Most states mandate only licensed audiologists perform diagnostic hearing evaluations. Many of the free hearing aid tests offered by dispensers are not fully comprehensive exams. These free hearing aid tests are designed to simply determine if you could be helped by a hearing aid.

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