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Today’s modern hearing aids can significantly bolster the quality of life for those suffering from hearing loss. Smaller and smarter than ever, hearing aids can help you engage in more effective conversations and reduce the stress associated with hearing loss. 

With corrected hearing, you’ll be more likely to engage in social activities and thwart the cognitive decline associated with uncorrected hearing loss. Simply put, the benefits of finding the perfect hearing are seemingly endless. And the experts at North Shore Hearing P.C. can help. 

We’ll get to know you, your lifestyle, and your unique hearing needs. Then, we can suggest the most suitable types of hearing aids to reap you the most benefits. When we’re providing hearing aid guidance, there are generally four different technology classes to choose from: 

  • Essential hearing aid technology suite
  • Intermediate hearing aid technology
  • Advanced hearing aid tech suite
  • Premium hearing aid technology

Fortunately, the experts at North Shore Hearing will guide you through and to the best option for your unique needs.

Diane Faulkner is the best. She is always so kind and always thorough with my hearing issues. I would not go to any other hearing professional. She is wonderful!

Grace H. of Ridge, NY

Essential Hearing Aid Technology Suite

Even though hearing aids with essential technology would be classified as entry-level, these devices are relatively complex. This suite of technology is actually tailored to those who are not in complicated acoustic environments. People best suited for hearing aids with the essential suite of technology have simple auditory needs, such as:

  • Hearing the TV
  • Hearing phone conversations
  • Hearing one-on-one conversations

When it comes to lifestyle and social activity, these users would be considered relatively quiet. The essential suite of technology wouldn’t be suggested for individuals who regularly experience low levels of ambient noise. 

Intermediate Hearing Aid Technology

If you’re someone who isn’t in noisy situations very often, you may be best suited for intermediate hearing aid technology. This tech suite is ideal for those who may participate in small group conversations with a little bit of ambient noise, such as family dinners, small group meetings, or less noisy restaurants and social engagements. 

With intermediate hearing aid technology, the experts at North Shore Hearing can design manual programs to help you hear better in situations with low noise levels. Yet, you’ll need to manually adjust your hearing aid to gain access to these additional settings. 

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology Suite 

If you experience average or every day ambient noise, you should consider the advanced hearing aid technology aid suite. Average ambient noise can be explained as group conversations, restaurant chatter, active hobbies, or family and friend get-togethers. 

Hearing aids with advanced technology offer robust sound classification abilities for changing programs, monitoring the external soundscape, and offers a range of features to optimize speech comprehension and listening comfort. The automatic ability of this technology suite to manipulate competing background noises is made possible by:

  • Adaptive directional microphones
  • Fast- and slow-acting gain adjustments
  • Multiband digital noise reduction

Adaptive Directional Microphones

Adaptive directional microphones help filter out competing ambient noise from behind you, so you can easily hear and focus on the speaker in front of you. Hearing aids with directional microphones instinctively work to facilitate seamless separation by detecting inputs of sound at the rear and front microphones, filtering sounds originating from the rear, and bolstering front microphone sounds. 

Fast and Slow-Acting Gain Adjustments

Fast-acting gain adjustments allow the hearing aid to quickly respond to stimuli that may be too loud. For example, if a plate crashes to the floor, hearing aids with fast-acting gain adjustments can almost instantly turn down sounds. 

At the same time, if someone is speaking in an area with a lot of ambient noise, advanced hearing aids can activate fast increases for speech only, while filtering out background noise.

Multiband Digital Noise Reduction

Digital noise reduction works on incoming audio signals to instinctively turn down sounds labeled a noise while increasing sounds classified as speech.

Premium Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids with premium technology can automatically decipher whether you are outside, streaming music, at a noisy meeting or party, and determine whether you’re on a train, bus, or airplane. These devices work to classify environments and control settings and features to ensure you enjoy the highest level of speech comprehension and listening comfort.

Premium hearing aid tech will have the best speech preservation and noise reduction systems for every level of noise. If you are a musician or lover of music, premium hearing aids will offer the best auditory bandwidth for the brightest and richest sound quality. 

Certain hearing aids in this category will offer a high-frequency boost feature that accentuates crisp and sharp sounds for clearer sound quality. Another innovation regularly featured in the premium tech suite is advanced wind noise reduction that can lower even the highest amount of wind noise, so you can hear speech. Because of this, premium hearing aids are especially helpful for people who enjoy spending time outside or engage with sporting and recreational activities.

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Today’s hearing aids are more advanced than ever. However, attempting to navigate the technology available can be confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. The hearing aid specialists at North Shore Hearing P.C. can and will help you find the best solution for your unique needs. 

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