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The 21st century in particular has seen an explosion of exciting technology that has transformed the lives of people with hearing loss. And North Shore Hearing P.C. is proud to be on the forefront, offering some of the latest and most advanced hearing aid technology. 

We offer a range of hearing aid accessories to boost and compliment your hearing aid performance and keep you connected. At North Shore Hearing P.C., we are extremely selective about the accessories we offer our clients and only choose the most reliable solution. 

To help guide you through the process, our experienced hearing specialists will conduct an in-depth needs analysis. Once we understand which accessories will be best for your unique needs, we’ll guide you to the most ideal solution.

It is always a pleasure working with Diane Faulkner at North Shore Hearing. She is personable, knowledgeable and will fit you with the perfect hearing aid!

Fran S. of Stony Brook, NY

Remote Mic Hearing Aid Accessories

If you want to be able to listen to a conversation at a dinner party or fully engage in a business conference, a remote mic will enhance your hearing and extend your listening range. By placing the miniature black device at the center of a table, its sensitive microphone will be able to pick up everyone’s voices even with unruly background noise. During one-to-one conversations, you can have the other person clip it on to their clothes for more engaging dialogue. The remote mic will pick up the sound of interest close to the source and will transmit it to your hearing aid. This works to increase the signal-to-ratio (SNR) dramatically in a range of listening environments. 

Hearing Aid TV Streamer 

Don’t be forced to use subtitles or ask to rewind a movie ever again when enjoying free time with the family. A hearing aid TV streamer transforms your hearing device into a wireless headphone that provides amplified, clearer sounds. 

Being forced to compensate for bad hearing by raising the volume doesn’t always improve the clarity of the program, nor does it benefit those around you. This device allows everyone in the family to watch the movie at a comfortable volume while giving you the crystal-clear sounds you crave that are a key part of immersing yourself into a TV experience.

Hearing Aid Phone Clip

Not only can hearing loss make everyday conversations more difficult to understand, but it can also make phone calls a nightmare. With a phone clip, you can eliminate the frustration that comes with missed words and misunderstandings all in one fell sweep. Simply clip the device to your shirt, connect it to your Bluetooth, and you are all set!

By being able to attach two Bluetooth devices to the phone clip at once, you can bounce between work and private phone calls effortlessly. If it becomes too noisy in the room or the person on the other end is talking too loudly, use the multi-functional app to discreetly lower the volume and carry on with the conversation.

Hearing Aid Remote Control

If you are more comfortable with something tactile that can adjust the settings of your hearing aid, consider using a remote control. Instead of fumbling with buttons on your hearing aid to adjust the settings or taking out your phone to navigate the app, simply reach into your pocket and click the control to make the necessary changes. With its large tactile buttons and slim design, you can use the control without making it visible to others.

Compatible with other devices, the remote control allows you to navigate all your wireless hearing aid accessories through one platform. Whether it is TV volume, phone conversations, or background noise, control your hearing throughout the day to listen when you want to and to mute everything when you need a break

Contact North Shore Hearing P.C. for Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

As beneficial as your hearing aids are, the right wireless accessories can make them even better. And the experts at North Shore Hearing P.C. can help you navigate your options and land on the best solution. 

Contact North Shore Hearing P.C. today to learn more about our wireless hearing aid accessories.