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If you’re like most hearing aid wearers and tired of dealing with cumbersome hearing aid batteries, you owe it to yourself to enter the world of rechargeable hearing aids. At North Shore Hearing P.C., we offer a vast selection of the premier rechargeable hearing aids by the leading manufacturers. 

Our rechargeable hearing aids use portable, small charging stations instead of traditional hearing aid batteries. Whether you enjoy a vibrant, on-the-go lifestyle or struggle to change out tiny batteries, now is the perfect time to explore rechargeable hearing aid options at North Shore Hearing P.C.

I love the service that Diane at North Shore Hearing gives! She is compassionate and diligent. She follows through with what she promises and puts tremendous effort into making her patients completely satisfied. I highly recommend North Shore Hearing. Thank you Diane!

Donna M. of Shoreham, NY

What Are Rechargeable Hearing Aids?

Rechargeable hearing aids have batteries conveniently integrated into the device. In contrast to traditional hearing aids with disposable batteries, rechargeable hearing aid batteries do not need to be removed regularly. Instead of taking the batteries out, you simply dock your hearing aids every night on a charging unit — very similar to the way you charge your smartphone. And like different smartphone models, rechargeable hearing aids will offer you varying battery life. 

Although rechargeable hearing aids have been available for quite some time, previous models were not as popular due to low power output. Thanks to advancements in technology, today’s rechargeable hearing aids use either Silver-Zinc or Lithium-Ion battery technology, which has transformed their performance.

These modern hearing aids offer you the freedom to experience crystal-clear sound quality without the hassle of carrying spare batteries or the fear of losing power. With most rechargeable hearing aids offered at North Shore Hearing P.C., you’ll enjoy the freedom to go all day and charge at night.

Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids 

At North Shore Hearing P.C., we offer a full line of high-quality, ultra-reliable hearing aids. While each of our rechargeable hearing aids will have different features, they all share some variation of the following benefits. 

Long Shelf Life

Thanks to innovations in technology, rechargeable hearing aids can last for up to 30 hours on a single charge. And when it comes to replacing, many of our device batteries only need to replaced every five years or so. This is a far cry better than the traditional hearing aids that would only last a year; while hearing aids with disposable batteries will require replacements every few days to weeks. 

Less Cumbersome

If you suffer from dexterity issues, rechargeable hearing aids can be exponentially easier to handle and manage. Traditional hearing aids usually have disposable batteries that are extremely tiny. At the same time, the packaging can be difficult to maneuver. If you struggle to peel off a battery tab and not drop it or struggle to get the battery into the compartment, easy-to-handle rechargeable batteries could be a huge improvement. 

Go Green with Rechargeable Hearing Aids

All types of batteries should be recycled when they wear out. If you use disposable batteries that last only a few days, you’ll need to frequently recycle them — or live with a guilty conscious for tossing them in the garbage. On the other hand, rechargeable hearing aids last for several years and create a fraction of the waste as disposable batteries. 

Rechargeable Hearing Aids Are Safer for Small Children

Disposable button batteries are extremely hazardous if a small child or pet accidentally swallows them. So if you have toddlers or small children around you at any time and have disposable battery hearing aids, you should be on alert. On the other hand, rechargeable batteries do not pose this risk — unless the entire device is swallowed. 

A Single Daily Charge

As we previously mentioned, the first iterations of rechargeable hearing aids failed to meet the single-daily-charge standard, which is the standard we’ve all become accustomed to with smartphones. The previous batteries were based on an older technology that offered less stable power output and a shorter life. However, today’s newer, more advanced batteries are built for the way you move. These hearing aids are engineered to take a single charge and last all day long. 

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If you’ve ever been interested in more freedom with your hearing aids, you may be an excellent candidate for rechargeable hearings. At North Shore Hearing P.C., we offer a full lineup of robust rechargeable hearing aids from the premier manufacturers in a variety of styles. And the experts at North Shore Hearing P.C. will work closely with you to understand your needs, styles, and budget to guide you to the best solution. 

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