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local audiologist vs big box audiologist

4 Things Big Box Stores Don’t Want You To Know About Your Local Audiologist

Chain stores like Walmart, Costco, Sams, etc. offer an uncanny level of convenience and are designed to meet several of your purchasing needs under one roof. You can literally purchase whatever you need ranging from fresh fruit to a new Bluetooth CD player for your vehicle. Some big box stores are now even offering caskets. With such a wide range of products, it’s easy to see why so many people are utilizing chain stores for their hearing aid needs. However, you shouldn’t purchase everything at Walmart or Costco. Continue reading to learn four things big box stores don’t want you to know about your local audiologist.

Most Big Box Stores Have No Audiologist

Before you throw a pair of hearing aids on top of your lettuce, it’s vital to understand most big box stores do not have an audiologist working there. This means you will be literally choosing the right hearing aid on your own. If you have questions (and you need to have several questions), you may be forced to ask one of the cashiers for help. On the other hand, when you visit your local audiologist, they will guide you through the entire process. Everything starts with an intuitive series of tests to determine the severity and type of hearing loss. Then, your local audiologist will research hearing aids specifically designed for your type of hearing loss. This is a service most big box stores are not set up to offer.

Local Audiologist May Be Cheaper

Because of the several value propositions made by big box stores, most people assume they are the cheaper option. However, this isn’t always the case because of health insurance. When you visit your local audiologist, your health care insurance will most likely cover a large portion of the cost and make the difference negligible. In addition, your local audiologist will provide you with access to long-lasting, higher quality hearing devices. Instead of experiencing problems as soon as you get home or being sold something you do not need, it’s best to experience the comprehensive service provided by your local audiologist. Leave the flat screens to Walmart and visit your local audiologist for your ear care needs.

After Care is Laughter Care at Big Box Stores

When you purchase a hearing aid at Walmart or Costco, the process is too simple! You give the cashier your money, they give you your hearing aids, and this is the end of the story. If your aids need adjustments or break, the store where you purchased them will have to send the aids to a distant location to be repaired. During this time, you will be without your hearing aids for weeks or even more than a month. In the worst case, the big box store may provide no aftercare services at all. Instead of being left high and dry, it’s best to visit your local audiologist from the beginning. If anything happens to your hearing aids, you will never have to second guess where to take them and who will be working on them. The same local audiologist who sold you the aids will be the same person repairing them.

Big Box Stores Have a Question of Quality

When you purchase from a big box store, do you really know the quality of what you are getting? In reality, you don’t, and this is even more prevalent when it comes to hearing aid devices. Many hearing aids purchased from big box stores emit a dull sound or interference after you get home because they are not the same quality of devices you would get from your doctor’s office. However, it’s usually too late once you figure this out. Instead of wasting money on cheap, poorly made hearing devices, visit your local audiologist where in-depth experience meets the best and most tested products on the market.

Since hearing loss has been linked to dementia and other cognitive disorders, it’s vital to trust your hearing needs to a professional, not a cashier at Walmart or Costco. Audiologists are significantly more qualified when it comes to understanding the intricate anatomy of the ear and understanding the type of hearing aid necessary to treat your hearing impairments. While Walmart and Costco may be excellent for purchasing laptops, Chromebooks, and cereal, it’s best to visit your local audiologist for your hearing care needs. Contact North Shore Hearing today to schedule a hearing aid consultation.