Hearing Aids

How to Use Hearing Aids & Other Troubleshooting FAQs

An important part of learning how to use your hearing aids is to know how to troubleshoot some of the most common issues. At North Shore Hearing P.C., we’ve created a general list of some of the most common problems and solutions with hearing aids. 

Best of all, this list isn’t specific for any brand or style of hearing aid and can typically be used across the spectrum to improve your overall experience. Continue reading to learn more about how to use hearing aids and solve basic problems. 

How to Fix Hearing Aids with No Sound?

If you’ve placed the hearing aids on and sound isn’t amplified, there could be a few causes: 

  • Make sure the hearing aid is on — if it’s manual. 
  • If the device is on, check your volume and ensure it’s set to your preferred setting. Sometimes hearing aids may accidentally slip to lower setting. 
  • If the hearing aid is on and the volume is turned up, check to see if the battery door is properly closed. If not, the battery may be upside down. If the battery door is properly closed, you may need to change the hearing aid battery.
  • If a fresh battery doesn’t solve the problem, inspect your receiver tube because it could be blocked. And if it is blocked, you should clean the tube. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s suggested procedures for cleaning the tube.
  • If you’ve cleaned your tube and still no sound, inspect your microphone because there could be dirt and/or wax blocking it. If you do see either, clean the device again.

How to Use Hearing Aids that Aren’t Loud Enough?

When your hearing aids are not loud enough, the first step is to check your volume and make sure you’re using the right program. In many instances, the wrong program can be accidentally selected and cause sounds to not be amplified enough. If the settings are right, the receiver tube may be blocked, so you should try to clean and remove blockage.

A depleted or damaged battery can also cause volume problems. You can remedy this problem by inspecting the battery to see if the contacts are damaged or corroded. If the battery is drained or corroded, you should replace it. 

Another potential cause of volume not being loud enough is moisture getting in the system, which can be solved by using a dehumidifier overnight to remove moisture. If all else fails, it may be time to schedule a hearing exam at North Shore Hearing P.C. because your hearing needs may have changed. 

How to Fix Hearing Aids with a Whistling Sound?

Anytime you hear a whistling noise, the most obvious problem is the tube or mold isn’t properly placed or inserted. Use a mirror to make sure your aids are fitted properly based on the demonstration provided during your fitting at North Shore Hearing P.C. If this doesn’t remedy your problem, you can also: 

  • Ensure the hearing aid isn’t obstructed by hats, scarves, or similar objects. Sounds can easily bounce off of these types of objects and cause feedback. 
  • Check your tube to see if it has split. Tubing with a split will result in leaking sounds and will need to be replaced. 

Do you have an obstruction in your ear, such as an ear infection or wax? Visit your doctor or schedule an appointment with us if all else fails. 

How to Fix Hearing Aids with Inconsistent Sound Quality?

When you use your hearing aids, does the volume fluctuate or appear to cut in and out? In the event you are experiencing these problems, try the following solutions:

  • Start by checking your earpiece, tube, and microphone because there could be dirt, wax, or debris causing interruptions in the transmission sounds. You should start by cleaning these pieces and try using the hearing aid again. 
  • Try toggling your controls and give your preferences a reset. Lint and dust gets collected and causes distortion. 
  • When was the last time you checked your hearing aid batteries? Often, low hearing aid batteries can cause the volume to fluctuate or cut in and out. Check the voltage on your battery and replace it if necessary, which should remedy the problem. 

Still Having Problems? North Shore Hearing P.C. Can Help!

If you’ve tried all of the most common solutions and you’re still having problems, the experts at North Shore Hearing P.C. can help! Our team of experienced hearing aid and hearing specialists will work to quickly provide the most cost-efficient solution to help you get on with your day. In the event your hearing aids are out of warranty or you’re interested in looking into a different, more modern solution, North Shore is home to a wide selection of cutting-edge hearing solutions. 

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