4 Hearing Loss Facts You Shouldn’t, Can’t & Don’t Want to Ignore

It’s fact — approximately 48 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Those who suffer from hearing loss have reported negative impacts to virtually every other phase of life and dimension of the human experience. Even so, most people who suffer from hearing loss wait an average of 7 years before ever seeking help. In addition, only one out of every five people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually use one. 

At North Shore Hearing P.C., we are your local hearing experts! We offer a full range of services and solutions designed to restore your hearing and help you experience the world in high definition. If you currently suffer from hearing loss or feel as if your hearing has been decreased, you’re not alone! Check out the following hearing loss facts provided by the Center for Hearing and Communication and give North Shore Hearing a call today to schedule your appointment. 

Hearing Loss Facts Parents Can’t Ignore about Children

Hearing loss has been traditionally viewed as a problem isolated to older people. However, the most recent hearing loss facts prove this isn’t true. In reality, hearing loss can impact anyone at any age and can be hereditary as well as genetic

A stunning three million kids in the United States suffer from hearing loss; and 1.3 million of these kids aren’t even three years of age yet. In fact, hearing loss occurs in around five out of 1,000 newborns, which brings to surface that babies are never “too young” to have their hearing tested. 

Out of all of the children between ages 6 and 19, a substantial 15% will have hearing loss in at least one ear. And when it comes to scholastic performance and hearing loss, even mild hearing loss can cause a student to miss up to 50% of what’s being discussed in the classroom. Regardless of the cause, the best solution for childhood hearing loss is early detection.

Hearing Loss Facts You Shouldn’t Ignore: Hearing Loss Causes 

Undoubtedly, loud noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. While noise-induced hearing is entirely preventable, it is permanent. What types of loud noises can cause hearing loss? While sounds at or below 70 decibels (dBA) are unlikely to result in hearing loss, repeated exposure or longer exposure to sounds above or at 85 dBA can, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

Simply put, the louder the sound, the less time it will take to cause noise-induced hearing loss. To put this into perspective, exposure for just 15 minutes a day to a noisy subway can cause noise-induced hearing loss over time. Most prevalently, listening to loud music on your smartphone can also cause noise-induced hearing loss. 

The lesson from these noise exposure hearing loss facts is to protect your hearing. If you expect to be around loud noise for any period of time, you should take steps to preserve your hearing. If you are wearing headphones, turn the volume down! 

Hearing Loss Facts You Should Know: Types of Hearing Loss

While there are several different causes, hearing loss can be categorized as one of two types: conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. 

Conductive Hearing Loss 

Conductive hearing loss is when a problem exists with the mechanism that collects sounds from the external stimuli and sends it into your inner ear. This can include problems with the structures in your outer or inner ear. Conductive hearing loss can be corrected by surgery or medication. If these procedures and practices do not render desirable results, the person will typically achieve satisfactory levels with hearing aids. 

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss refers to problems with either the nerve or organ of hearing. There could be damage to the auditory nerve, cochlea, or the auditory centers in the brain. If you suffer from sensorineural hearing loss, you could benefit from communication therapies, cochlear implants, hearing aids, or other treatments based on the degree of hearing loss. 

Hearing Loss Facts You Don’t Want to Ignore: Treatments

Negative stigmas often prevent those who really need hearing aids from ever seeking treatments. Currently, it’s estimated 15 million people in the U.S. who have hearing loss avoid seeking help. To make matters worse, a mere 16% of physicians report they routinely screen their patients for hearing loss. 

However, in spite of the harrowing hearing loss facts, there is hope — a lot of hope. Hearing aids offer volumes of promise and can deliver dramatic improvements for the majority of people with hearing loss. According to a new study released by Brunel University London called “Hearing Loss- Numbers and Costs” by Bridget Shield, hearing aids can help you or your loved one enjoy a greater quality of life. Eight out of 10 hearing aid wearers experienced improvement in their overall quality of life. Hearing aid wearers report: 

  • Less physical exhaustion
  • Less mental exhaustion
  • Better memory than non hearing aid wearers
  • Less depression
  • Improved family relationships

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