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Want to Learn How to Change Your Hearing Aid Domes?

Learning how to change hearing aid domes is an often overlooked, but essential component of caring for your device. Domes are pre-sized, disposable earpieces designed to be placed on the hearing aid’s thin tube or speaker. The hearing aid dome is the actual piece that goes into your ear and helps the device fit more comfortably. Continue reading to learn more about how to change hearing aid domes.

Types of Hearing Aid Domes

Crafted from a soft, comfortable rubber material, you can chose from an array of domes, ranging from open domes to closed power domes.

Open Style Domes

The open style dome features openings for sound to pass through from the exterior of the hearing aid. This helps prevent the occlusion effect, which can give the experience of booming or hollow sounds from your own voice.

The occlusion effect is very similar to sticking your fingers into your ears and listening to yourself talk. For those with low hearing loss, the occlusion effect can be a distracting experience. In addition, the open style dome can allow you to hear more natural sounds because the sounds are being received by your ear unimpeded.

Closed Style Dome

The closed style dome is designed to reduce exterior sounds, which means it can more effectively boost the level of sound. Closed domes can also effectively boost lower frequencies (typically below 500 HZ) sound pressure in the canal of your ear 20 dB or more.

In most instances, closed style domes are the solution for those suffering for more severe levels of hearing loss. For the most part, custom molds are closed domes that have been fitted exclusively for your ear to provide the most comfortable fit.

How to Change Hearing Aid Domes?

At North Shore Hearing P.C., we recommend replacing or changing your hearing aid domes at least once a month or every four weeks. Learning how to change hearing aid domes is a relatively simple and straightforward process. Use the following steps to change your hearing aid domes:

  1. Firmly grasp the speaker/thin tube and pull off the old earpiece.

  2. With the new dome in your hand, place it exactly in the middle of the ear piece.

  3. Push the new dome firmly to make sure it’s securely fastened.

While you have the dome off of the device, you should clean the speaker. Simply use a clean cloth to remove any earwax. Since most hearing aid domes can be engineered differently based on the device, it’s always a great practice to visit the manufacturer’s site for more information. You can also contact your hearing expert at North Shore Hearing for personalized assistance.

How to Clean a Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aid?

While you shouldn’t clean the dome of most hearing aid styles, you can clean the dome of a RIC style hearing aid. If you have a RIC style hearing aid, you can use the following steps to clean the device:

  1. Get started by gently brushing your hearing aid to get rid of debris.

  2. Using your thumbs, gently massage the dome tip to will push out any stubborn material.

  3. Finally, wipe the hearing aid with a soft, clean cloth.

You should, however, replace the dome when it becomes misshapen or worn. You should also replace the dome in the event there is blockage or buildup that can’t be removed. Make sure you never use chemical wipes, alcohol, or water to clean your RIC hearing aid.

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