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Four of the Best Hearing Aids for Musicians

Don’t let hearing loss stop you from jamming out and creating brilliant riffs — simply use the best hearing aids for musicians to amplify your ability. Throughout history, iconic artists with hearing loss like Beethoven, Barbra Streisand, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, and The Who’s Pete Townshend all used the best hearing aids for musicians (at the time) to create legendary music.

Today, you have access to more robust and innovative technological solutions compressed into tiny hearing aid devices and earphones. Continue reading to learn more about the best hearing aids for musicians.

Westone UM Pro Series

The Westone UM (Universal-fit Monitor) Pro Series was uniquely designed for on-stage performers. With the ability to isolate specific vocals and instruments while delivering hearing protection for exceptionally loud environments, the UM Pro Series deliver clarity and detail in a compact ergonomic package.

Earphones in the UM Pro Series feature Westone’s balanced armature drivers that are much more efficient and compact than traditional drivers. With more than 50 years of experience creating in-ear applications, these earphones are lightweight, have a low profile, and provide maximum comfort and in-ear coupling for the dynamic transfer of sound. Hearing aids in the UM Pro Series includes:

  • UM Pro 10 Earphones feature a single balanced armature driver in-ear monitor.
  • UM Pro 20 Earphones utilize a HD dual-driver balanced armature technology that delivers the optimum output and range for any stage condition.
  • UM Pro 30 Earphones utilize a well-balanced three-driver system that makes these earphones the perfect choice for stage musicians, field/home sound engineers, and music enthusiasts.
  • UM Pro 50 Earphones are engineered with five armature drivers as well as a three-way crossover to make it the pinnacle of fidelity, comfort, and design.

Westone Ambient (AM) Pro Series

Engineered with a cutting-edge ambient passive design, the Westone AM Pro Series offers an in-ear monitor mix that keeps you connected to you band members and performances without ever sacrificing punch, frequency response, or audio clarity. In contrast to traditional open-port ambient monitors, Westone’s exclusive SLED technology reproduces the full frequency range of your performance — low end and all.

Each device is designed with a low-profile ergonomic design to reduce ear fatigue, and the balanced armature drivers are more efficient and smaller than traditional drivers. Ear plugs in this series include:

  • AM Pro 10 Ambient Earphones feature a single balanced-armature driver.
  • AM Pro 20 Ambient Earphones feature a dual-driver balanced armature design. It also features a built-in two-way crossover network for amazing definition and smooth transitions across the entire frequency range.
  • AM Pro 30 Ambient Earphones feature a triple-driver balanced armature design and a built-in three-way crossover network to ensure proper frequency distribution.

Westone Elite Series (ES) Custom-Molded Earphones

The Westone ES custom-molded earphones represent the ultimate custom-fit, in-ear monitor for audiophiles and music professionals. Designed to provide the most discerning music enthusiast and professionals with the ultimate sound experience, Westone’s legendary True-Fit technology provides users with earpieces that are hand-sculpted and polished based on your ears. The end result is the world’s most comfortable and best acoustic seal possible.

In addition to the balanced armature drivers, the ES earphones include a two-material approach to the design of the monitor. It features a flex canal, body temperature-reactive, semi soft earpiece additive that creates a strong acoustic seal and increased comfort for outstanding noise isolation. By utilizing Westone’s Dual Bore technology, low and high frequency sound components are channeled through separate passages, which results in much more transparent and convincing frequency range transitions. Devices in this series include:

  • E-Series 10 with a single-armature driver system.
  • E-Series 20 with a two-armature driver system.
  • E-Series 30 with a triple-armature driver system.
  • E-Series 50 features a five-armature driver system.

Westone AC Series Custom-Fit Earphones

Built alongside the revered Elite Series, the AC Series also uses balanced armature drivers to accurately reproduce performances and live playback. Westone’s legendary custom True-Fit technology means your AC Series devices are cast, sculpted, and polished by hand based on impressions of your ears to produce the world’s most comfortable acoustic seal.

The AC Series also features cold-pour acrylic earpiece housing for enclosure stability and increased durability. With Westone’s Dual Bore technology, the AC20 IEM’s low and high frequency sound components are effectively channeled through separate passages in the sum and sound port within your ear canal instead of the ear piece. This unique approach results in a more transparent and convincing transition between ranges of frequency. Hearing aids in this series include:

  • AC 10 with a single armature driver
  • AC 20 with multiple balanced armature drivers with a multistage crossover design.

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