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Eek! That’s What Causes Itching in Ears?

Ahhh...the sensation of scratching an itchy ear is second to none. However, too much of a good thing can quickly turn into a bad thing — particularly if the cause of itchy ears is more prevalent than you'd like. Furthermore, when the itching occurs in the inside of the ear, it may prompt you to commit the dangerous and cardinal sin — sticking some foreign object in your ear in search of relief. 

And this can cause damage to key ear structures, which can lead to hearing loss, ear infections, and a host of other problems. The good news is that in most instances, the causes of itching in ears is very preventable. 

At North Shore Hearing P.C., we are your local hearing and ear specialists. We offer a range of hearing-related services designed to help you experience your world in HD. Because your itching ears can ultimately impact your hearing, we've outlined the top causes of itching ears. Read on to learn more about itching ears and don't hesitate to reach out to the team at North Shore Hearing to schedule a consultation. 

Dry Skin Causes Itching in Ears

Our ears naturally secrete oils and wax, which help in keeping the ears moist and healthy. Two common scenarios can result in you having dry ears: 

If dry skin causes itching in your ears, you can supplement the oils secreted by the ear with some Vaseline or mineral oil in small portions. In either case, you should avoid cleaning out all the wax from your ear because it can become exposed to elements, which may lead to infections.

Infection Causes Itching in Ears

One of the most common causes of ear itching and irritation is ear infections. While most people  pay attention to the pain and learn how to get rid of it, they tend to ignore the root cause of the ear discomfort. 

Ear infections can come as a result of bacterial accumulation in the middle ear. When a throbbing pain accompanies the itching, it is essential to visit your ENT specialist to have the ear checked for infections. Early diagnosis of an ear infection is critical as the accumulation of the bacteria can lead to partial or total hearing loss.

Allergies Are a Top Cause of Itching in Ears

Similar to how allergies affect the skin on other parts of the body, they may also result in ear itching. When an ear allergy occurs, the eustachian tube connecting the ear to the throat tends to swell. 

This leads to a tingly irritation, to which most people rub the opening of the ear. Though this may work in some cases, the best way to get rid of this irritation is by taking antihistamine medication. A few of the most common sources of allergies comes from consuming foods like:

  • Nuts
  • Milk products
  • Seafood
  • Wheat products

Dermatitis of The Ear Canal Is a Cause of Itchy Ears

Ear canal dermatitis occurs when the skin of the ear canal is scaled, flaked, or swollen. This condition has many causes, such as irritating self-care products like hair sprays and lotions or infections from metal earrings containing nickel compounds. Patients with dermatitis often feel an annoying itch, redness, and constant discharge from the affected ear.

Wax Build-Up Causes Itching in Ears

Wax is an essential component of the ear and helps keep the ear clean. However, the over-accumulation of earwax can lead to itchy ears. Since the wax helps clear out dead skin from the inner ear, it is natural for this wax to dry and drop off from the ear over time. When cleaning the ear, it is possible to push the wax into the ear further, leading to wax accumulation and consequent blockage.

When the inner ear is blocked, there is a higher chance of bacterial accumulation, leading to itching and discomfort. However, it's important you take the proper steps and use the proper methods to clean your ear. Failure to do so could result in you causing more harm than good. Learn more about How to Quickly and Safely Clean Your Ears. 

What Are the Available Remedies for Ear Itching?

Not all itchy ears require an ENT professional's attention. Some cases are easily treatable with home remedies. Many ear remedies depend on the cause of the irritation, with baby oil and drops of olive oil used to prevent dry ears.

Proper ear hygiene is the best preventative measure against ear itching. When cleaning your ear, the cleaning bud should not be inserted into the inner ear but should wipe the excess wax on the outer ear. You may harm your ears if you use the wrong cleaning technique.

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After 18 years of experience in the field of audiology and hearing aid dispensing, I felt it was time to start my own practice which has led to the creation of North Shore Hearing, P.C. I take pride in the care I provide for my patients as hearing is not just a medical issues we need to deal with, but also the social and lifestyle ramifications that people with poor hearing live with on a day-to-day basis. Based on not only your hearing loss, but also the type of lifestyle you lead, we'll work together to fit you with the most appropriate hearing aid available in today's marketplace.

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