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Free Hearing Consultation

FREE Hearing Screening

The best way to check your hearing is to come to our location and get a professional hearing screening. Read more »

FREE Hearing Aid Consultation

Come in so we can discuss your preferences regarding how your hearing instrument should look, feel and operate. Read more »

complete audiological evaluation

Complete Audiological Evaluation

This allows us to develop a tailored treatment to improve patients' communication skills. Read more »

ear plugs for musicians

Ear Plugs for Musicians

We carry the industry-leading Westone hearing plugs and earbuds for musicians, audiophiles and active listeners. Read more »

custom swim molds to protect ears

Custom Hearing Protection

We carry Westone's DefendEar line, which muffle sound during periods of loudness while allowing clarity of sound during when noise is low. Read more »

custom swim molds to protect ears

Custom Swim Molds

These products allow motorcyclists to rev their engines, let racecar drivers communicate with their crews and music lovers hear what they want to hear without ear-wrenching volume. Read more »

We Have FREE COVID-19 Masks to Help Our Community. Request Yours.