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These Factors Impact Hearing Aid Lifespan

Hearing Aid

Did you know that several factors can impact hearing aid lifespan? Even so, hearing aids absolutely have the potential to improve daily quality of life for anyone considered an ideal candidate. In fact, it’s estimated most instances of hearing loss can be managed to some extent with appropriately fitted and adjusted hearing aids. And while hearing […]

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Waterproof vs Water Resistant Hearing Aids: You Need to Hear This!

Hearing Aids

Just because you wear hearing aids doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy summer fun, and water-resistant hearing aids may be the perfect solution. However, what does water-resistant hearing aids really mean? Does water-resistance mean the hearing aids are waterproof? Is there a difference? At North Shore Hearing P.C., we’ve created a quick, easy-to-read guide to water-resistant hearing […]

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