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How Do Hearing Aids Work or Is it Magic?

Understanding how hearing aids work can help you experience your world in full color. Although they may seem like magical devices, hearing aids work by picking up all of the sounds around you and amplifying those sound signals back into your ear.The magic of hearing aids happen instantaneously to provide you with a miraculous 360 […]

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Four of the Best Hearing Aids for Musicians

Don’t let hearing loss stop you from jamming out and creating brilliant riffs — simply use the best hearing aids for musicians to amplify your ability. Throughout history, iconic artists with hearing loss like Beethoven, Barbra Streisand, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, and The Who’s Pete Townshend all used the best hearing aids for musicians (at the […]

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10 Undeniable Benefits of Binaural Hearing Aids

If you suffer from hearing in both of your ears, you are most likely an excellent candidate for binaural hearing aids, which is the term for two hearing aids. Although an experienced healthcare hearing professional will be best suited to determine if you qualify for these devices, the individual wearing the devices will be the […]

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