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10 Undeniable Benefits of Binaural Hearing Aids

If you suffer from hearing in both of your ears, you are most likely an excellent candidate for binaural hearing aids, which is the term for two hearing aids. Although an experienced healthcare hearing professional will be best suited to determine if you qualify for these devices, the individual wearing the devices will be the ultimate decision maker.

At North Shore Hearing P.C., you will have the opportunity to experience binaural hearing amplification before you are asked to choose whether you will wear one or two hearing aids. Binaural auditory treatment works similar to the way refractory eyesight problems are treated in both eyes with glasses. Simply put, it makes more sense to treat binaural loss with hearing aids for both ears.

If you are new to binaural hearing aids or on the fence, this innovative technology offers several life-changing benefits. Simply put, two hearings are commonly better than one, and the following information explains 10 undeniable benefits of this cutting-edge hearing aid technology.

Superior Speech Comprehension

When you wear two hearing aids instead of one, you will be able to more easily achieve selective listening. These two hearing aids will allow your brain to hone in on the conversations you actually want to hear. Most research demonstrates individuals wearing binaural hearing aids routinely understand conversations and speech better than those only wearing one hearing aid.

Hear More

Regardless of the degree of hearing loss, those with two hearing aids can hear and comprehend sounds from a further distance than an individual with one aid. A voice that is barely audible with one ear at 10 feet can be easily heard by two ears up to 40 feet away.

Better Sound Quality with Binaural Hearing Aids

There's a reason people use both speakers on a stereo system to get the sharpest, smoothest, and most natural quality of sound. This is the same reason you should use binaural hearing aids.

When you wear two hearing aids, you bolster the range of hearing from 180 degrees from only one aid to a full 360 degrees of hearing. The increased range of hearing offers a superior sense of sound quality and balance.

Identify Sounds Easier

With a single hearing aid, words and noises can quickly start to sound alike. However, with two ears and two hearing aids, sounds become more distinguishable.

Superior Ability to Understand Sound Direction

The ability to determine the direction of sound is known as localization. In social settings, localization can allow you to quickly determine the direction someone is speaking to you. In addition, localization will let you know whether your grandchildren are screaming or playing, while empowering you to understand the direction traffic is coming from. In the end, you will be better equipped to detect the the direction sounds are coming from in virtually any situation.

Reduce Hearing Loss Deterioration

When you keep both ears active with binaural hearing aids, it could decrease hearing loss deterioration and auditory deprivation. Most research indicates that when a single hearing aid is worn, the unaided ear tends to lose the ability to understand and hear.

This phenomenon is clinically known as the auditory deprivation effect. However, when you wear binaural hearing aids, it will keep both of your ears active and fresh.

Hearing Is Less Work

With binaural hearing aids, listening is much more pleasant and hearing is less tiring. The majority of binaural hearing aid users report that participating in conversations is exponentially more enjoyable than it is with a single hearing aid.

This effect can be attributed to the fact hearing aid wearers are not required to strain to hear the subtle nuances of the conversation. As a result, binaural hearing makes you more engaged in conversations and life easier.

Better Hearing in Noisy Situations

If you have problems making out speech, binaural hearing aids may allow you to have a better understanding in noisy group situations.

Higher Degrees of Satisfaction

Would you rather go through life with one ear or two? An overwhelming consensus of consumers suffering from hearing loss in both ears choose binaural hearing aids when offered the choice. When they do, they enjoy a higher level of satisfaction than those with only one hearing aid.

Smoother & More Balance Tone Quality

When customers wear binaural hearing aids, it requires much less volume than a single unit. As a result, there is a better reproduction of amplified sounds and less distortion. This lower volume reduces the chances of hearing whistling, feedback, and other undesirable sounds is reduced.

Binaural types of hearing aids result in the sensation of balanced sound reception, which is known as the stereo effect. Conversely, wearing a single hearing aid can create unnatural sensations of sounds only being heard in a single ear.

Contact North Shore Hearing P.C. for Binaural Hearing Aids

Just as you need both of your eyes to see clearly, your brain needs both ears to effectively hear and process sounds. Before you make a decision on a single hearing aid, it makes sense to try two.

The experts at North Shore Hearing P.C. can help you understand the dynamic effects of binaural hearing aids during the trial fitting. As the best local audiologist, we offer a variety of services including:

Schedule an appointment with North Shore Hearing P.C. today to decide whether binaural hearing aids are right for you.

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After 18 years of experience in the field of audiology and hearing aid dispensing, I felt it was time to start my own practice which has led to the creation of North Shore Hearing, P.C. I take pride in the care I provide for my patients as hearing is not just a medical issues we need to deal with, but also the social and lifestyle ramifications that people with poor hearing live with on a day-to-day basis. Based on not only your hearing loss, but also the type of lifestyle you lead, we'll work together to fit you with the most appropriate hearing aid available in today's marketplace.

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